Your CV is your tool for gaining companies initial interest. If your CV is not eye-catching, full of grammatical errors and does not represent your skills/experience in the best light then you are already behind the competition. Nine out of 10 CV’s have errors on them and are rejected on that basis alone.

If you want your CV to be shortlisted, you have to make it very easy for the employer to see why you are the ideal candidate for the role by emphasising your relevant skills and experience.  The way your CV is presented will also be subject to scrutiny. For instance, you may claim to have great attention to detail or be an excellent communicator, but the employer is unlikely to believe this if your  CV is sloppily presented or the language you use is clumsily expressed.

We offer all our Sales candidates expert advice on their CV’s. We will provide constructive feedback FOR FREE regarding any amendments that we feel will assist you in finding your dream job.

Many candidates struggle to write their CV as naturally their skills lie elsewhere and if you haven’t had to compile one for a long time, then it can seem like a daunting task.

We tailor all our candidate’s CV to ensure that they are marketed in the best light and to help them stand-out above the competition.

Click on the link below and save the Word document to your printer to assist you in writing a great CV that potential employers will want to read.

How to write a great CV

Finally, DON’T be disheartened. The perfect role will come to you if you persevere. 

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