We pride ourselves on providing the complete recruitment solution and are continually looking for ways to offer additional services that we feel will benefit our candidates.

We are delighted therefore to be able to offer a bespoke recruitment profiling solution to our candidates. We have partnered with a local leadership and coaching consultancy to enable us to offer this innovative solution.

This recruitment package will give you insightful information about yourself which can be utilised in the recruitment process to secure your dream job. By completing a questionnaire you will gain a detailed report which will enable you to become more self-aware, aware of your skillset and enable you to sell yourself effectively to any potential employers. This profiling is unlike others in that it provides in-depth information regarding what working environment you are most productive in, how you work with others, where your strengths lie, your approach to tasks, your style of people management etc.

The report is very accurate and you will be pleasantly surprised what you can learn about yourself!

If you are looking for your dream job and what to prove that you are the perfect fit for the role and want to ensure that you stand out from all the other candidates then Contact Us for a free no-obligation consultation.