Do you need a highly experienced “sales driver” but not full-time or even on an interim basis? Talk to us, we can help.

Sometimes third party consultancy isn’t what is needed. There maybe a time when you temporarily need an expert ‘sales driver’ in-house as well as an integrated, vital part of your team.

There are several reasons that we have worked with some of our clients on a interim basis for weeks, sometimes several months:

These have included:   
  • Being “Between” Sales Managers/Directors and simply needed an experienced person in place until they could recruit a replacement,
  • The need to drive a short term project forward,
  • Needed strong sales leadership but couldn’t justify full time person,
  • Had developed a sound sales strategy but were unable to deliver with their current staff,
  • Supporting a struggling sales manager,
  • Owners spreading themselves too thinly, struggling to maximise sales teams performance and run their businesses.

We work with a highly experienced sales professional to provide this service. They have over 30 years of sales experience and have a proven track record of improving performance and increasing sales revenue.

‘I would recommend this service to any business or individual that has a need to sell.’

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