We pride ourselves on providing the complete recruitment solution and are continually looking for ways to offer additional services that we feel will benefit our clients.

We are delighted therefore to be able to offer a bespoke recruitment profiling solution to our clients. We have partnered with a local leadership and coaching consultancy to enable us to offer this innovative solution.  This recruitment package will give you insightful information about your candidate’s suitability for the role including their suitability for the working environment. This process sits alongside and is in addition to our usual robust recruitment processes.

The Process

Our Consultant will work with you to objectively establish the skills needed for this role.  You will receive a complete role specification profile showing the skills and traits of the ideal candidate.  This will also show the environment in which they will be most productive. Candidates will then be matched to the role and prior to interview, you will receive a one page report for each candidate who has been selected for interview. This will highlight the key strengths of each candidate in relation to the role profile. This report will also indicate skills or working styles that the employer may want to explore further at interview.

On appointment of the successful candidate an Employee Integration report detailing what support the new employee may benefit from as well as guidance on how to best engage them will be produced.  A full individual profile for the new candidate giving a detailed analysis of their strengths and potential development areas will be presented in a one to one session.

The Benefits of Using Profiling

  • Many recruitment processes involve profiling only the applicant. This will highlight their preferred communication style or way of working. However, the profiling tool we use enables the Recruiter to also profile the role and will indicate the skills required and match this to the candidate’s strengths, their skills and their suitability to the role.
  • C.V.s indicate what someone has done, profiling gives information about how someone is likely to carry out the role.
  • It encourages the employer to think of the suitability of the candidate in relation to fitting in with the team and the leadership style or culture of the organisation.
  • Ensures clients have more objective information about candidates including their suitability for the physical working environment and the culture of the business.
  • Profiling the role encourages clients to look at what they need, not what they think they need or just replacing what they had before.
  • It encourages objectivity in the recruitment process.
  • It highlights the natural strengths of the candidate in relation to the role.
  • It will highlight areas of potential concern which may need deeper questioning at interview
  • It enables employers to find a better match to the role reducing the risk of mis-hire and therefore increasing candidate retention and in turn decreasing recruitment costs in the long run.
  • The successful candidate will have a full profile delivered which indicates the support they may need in their new role.

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