KME Candidate, July 2019

‘Changing jobs is a very challenging experience one which is diced with very poor recruitment agencies who do not understand the complexity of placing senior salespeople. Michelle was an exception to this, a pleasure to deal with who went out of her way to qualify that both parties were a good fit. I dealt with many agencies over a 6 week period and Michelle stood out, head and shoulders above the rest and thus comes highly recommended from me’.

KME Candidate, June 2019

‘A true professional. Michelle matched me with a company that fitted my skills and mindset perfectly. Even when Michelle was need at home for family reasons she called me to make sure I was ready for my interview; I am sure most people would not. she offered support throughout the hiring process and helped with the best personal statement write up I have ever seen. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you for everything.’

KME Candidate, February 2019

‘Michelle was brilliant from start to finish and ensured I was kept up to date on any changes down to the smallest detail. As a candidate I’d recommend Michelle and can only say positive things about her guidance and advice throughout the process.

As a business, rest assured Michelle in my case qualified my abilities against the role to not only ensure that I had the skills and experience, but to ensure that I would be a cultural fit for the organisation in question. From my perspective her goal is to have both happy candidates and customers within an opportunity that gives them longevity. I’d recommend her without question’.

KME Candidate, October 2018

‘I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough, she has helped me to find a fantastic new role. Her calmness and patience made the whole process so much easier. She was always available to answer my questions and always gave me the confidence to be able to do my best. I would recommend her to anyone looking to move to a new role, she will work tirelessly to get you where you want to go. Highly knowledgeable, understands the pressures that job hunting can bring and somehow manages to take them all away. Victoria is a great Recruitment Consultant who is always willing to work with you to ensure the best of you shines through.’

KME Candidate. October 2018

‘I can`t recommend Victoria enough. She helped me to find my new role and she did an outstanding job. Always helpful, supportive, well informed and very professional. Victoria made the whole process very easy, understood in depth what her client was looking for and was always there to support me in any way. Thank you so much, Victoria.’


KME Candidate, September 2018

‘I would highly recommend Victoria for her exceptional skills as a Recruitment Consultant. Having experienced a huge amount recruitment as both a candidate as well as an employer, I have experienced the good and bad in the industry. Victoria takes time to comprehensively understand the company she is working with, the role she is recruiting for and the candidate she is looking to put forward. By understanding who I was Victoria was able to place me with a perfect role. The days of high volume, low quality recruitment are numbered.’

 KME Candidate, September 2018

Victoria is an absolute superstar, she fully understood my needs and found me the perfect job which suits my desires, Polite, understanding and is a major asset to anyone she helps in their search for the perfect job. Thanks Victoria.’

KME Candidate, August 2018

‘I applied for an IT recruitment consultant position through Victoria, and I can’t express how ea

sy she made the entire process. She was very informative about the role and knew the in’s and out’s of the company I’d be interviewing with. She kept me completely up to date throughout the entire process which made the entire experience very easy as it’s usually quite stressful interviewing and beginning a new role! So a massive thank you to you Victoria for helping me get my new role! I’d highly recommend her to anyone within sales who is looking for a new position.’

KME Candidate, July 2018

‘I had the pleasure of being contacted by Victoria about a potential job role. She was very friendly, honest and professional from start to end and I really felt like she had my best interests at heart. She demonstrated a vested interest in my skills, suitability and personal circumstances as a whole when weighed against the needs of the employer, which I believe is a rare quality these days when being profiled. 

I will definitely be contacting her for any future changes in my work life and would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a refreshingly warm, personal and professional touch to recruitment.’

KME Candidate, April 2018

‘Victoria has been a true professional who has helped me immensely in joining the right company. An excellent Recruiter who is exceptional in her speciality. I would truly recommend anyone to have Victoria to help them.’

KME Candidate, April 2018

‘I would highly recommend KME Recruitment. I dealt with Victoria and from start to finish she excelled. She described the role perfectly and put me forward for the job. She was very professional but also very friendly. I am very happy with the role she found me. Thank you very much for everything!’ 

KME Candidate, March 2018

‘My experience with KME was without question extremely professional. Victoria contacted me following my application for a Field Sales position to talk through the role.  She communicated the role and expectations with clarity along with the formal paper work needed to send to the client. I was put forward for the role and interviewed the following week. Feedback about the interview was very prompt and details of the second interview confirmed by email.  Victoria called me as soon as she heard from her client to tell me that I had been successful. The whole recruitment process from start to finish was great! Thank you Victoria.’

KME Candidate, March 2018

‘From the get go Victoria was friendly and easy to talk with, which made the process extremely relaxed and hassle free. Overall i found Victoria’s service went above and beyond. I would like to thank you for all your help and your encouragement, which resulted in me being offered the position.’

KME Client, September 2017

‘We work with a number of agencies to help with recruitment, Michelle listens and understands our needs. She is responsive and professional – I would gladly recommend her services.’

KME Client, August 2017

‘Michelle has been an honest and reliable source of candidates since we began to work together. She has advertised and resourced for my requirements diligently and the candidates she provides are always well researched and presented professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending her a services as a recruitment professional’.

KME Client, June 2017

‘Michelle is fantastic to work with – she is extremely professional and efficient. Michelle spent considerable time understanding the company and personal fit as well as the roles I was recruiting for and was able to source some great candidates. I went from struggling to fill the roles to having an outstanding choice. Thank you Michelle!’

KME Client, April 2017

‘We used KME for a Sales Executive we required urgently. We put the job out to over 10 different recruitment agencies in the local area (and some national brands too) but KME were by far the most consistent and generally helpful with our recruitment needs. Other agencies struggled to create interviews but KME generated several candidates that were a potential fit for our business. It’s definitely worth speaking with them if you’re struggling to fill a position.’