Award-Winning Sales Recruiters

Two consecutive years (2019 and 2020) we won the SME News – Business Elite 2019/2020 Award for the ‘Specialist Recruitment Agency of the Year – Sales’

You won’t just be one of a number, you’ll be number one!


KME Specialist Recruitment are a niche sales Recruitment Agency. We are based in Exeter in the South West and we place high calibre Sales candidates across all industries, across the UK.


We understand the sales market and pride ourselves on our up-to-date, expert knowledge. We have over 23 years’ combined experience within the Sales and Recruitment markets hence we know what makes a great Sales professional and the importance that role plays within any company.

We can advise our clients and candidates on role salaries. We can also provide our clients with independent and honest advise on job offerings and whether they will attract the right calibre of candidate.

We also run a Facebook Group called KME Sales Community ( where we offer daily advice, support and networking for sales people and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Personal, Bespoke Service

As an independent agency we are able to treat all of our candidates and clients on their own merits and therefore provide a bespoke, personal service. We appreciate all the nuances that both parties face and are able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations than they would have with a Generalist Recruiter and gain a better understanding of their requirements.

Clients and candidates will be given their own dedicated Consultant ensuring both parties are supported fully throughout the recruitment process. This Consultant will be their single point of contact and negate the need for time-consuming conversations with other members of the team.

Deep Understanding

Our Consultants will spend as much time as necessary to understand the needs of each individual client we work with and candidate that we support. We will do this by asking the right questions and listening to the needs of both parties before commencing the search process This enables us to market roles professionally and source and place the best Sales candidates. All candidates are fully briefed on roles and the client before pursuing their interest. This aids the retention of new recruits as there are no unpleasant surprises.

Best Representation and Identification of Talent

As a niche Recruiter we are experts in the field and instantly recognise talent within the Sales arena and we attract some of the best sales candidates on the market as individuals trust us to represent them in the best, most truthful light. We know what makes a good candidate and client.

Extensive Screening – Higher Retention Rate

All candidates are screened extensively, not just on experience and qualifications, but other criteria such as preferred management style, company culture, personality etc. This will ensure a good ‘fit’ the first time around and thus increase retention rates.

Fewer Quality CV’s Saving Time and Money

We may send our clients fewer CV’s than other Agencies, however, they can be assured that they will be quality candidates that are a good fit for the vacancy. This saves companies time sifting through many CV’s to decipher the best of the bunch and will also save time throughout the interview process. In the long-run this will also save clients’ money as the recruitment process is a lot shorter and retention rates are higher.

Supremely Professional

Having previously experienced both sides of the Recruitment process as a client and candidate we appreciate the importance of providing an excellent candidate and client experience involving professional, communicative honest and open recruitment. We understand the importance of receiving great customer service for both parties and pride ourselves on our supremely professional service.  If we say we’ll ring you back at a particular time, then we will! There will be no false promises.

Complete Sales Package

We are the only Recruitment Agency that provides a complete sales package. We offer this unique proposition to our clients which includes not only Recruitment, but also Sales Training, Sales Audits, Role and Candidate Profiling, Sales Consultancy and even an Interim Sales Director. This assists sales efficiency and growth and therefore our clients perform at maximum profitability and generate maximum revenue.  View the Sales Services page for more information.

KME Recruitment pride ourselves on this and we are continually looking for ways to offer additional services that we feel will benefit our clients and candidates.


We aim to become the go-to Recruiter for the Sales market.