• Are you fed-up of working harder than your colleagues and not being rewarded for your great work ethic?
  • Do you feel like you could be achieving more?
  • Are you outgoing and personable?
  • Are you self-motivated and driven?

If you resonate with any of the above then we can help you find your step onto the Sales ladder or find your next career move. Contact Us for more information or Upload for CV.

We would always recommend you work for a company you believe in.

Companies are always looking to grow and are always in need of sales personnel. Successful sales people will always be in demand.


Some of the benefits of working within the Sales industry are:

Great Monetary Reward

If you are self-motivated and driven then a career in Sales provides the potential to earn great money as those that work hard are rewarded through commission-based pay structures. You are almost certain to make more money in sales as you will be rewarded via a commission structure. Companies need to make sales to survive, and usually reward successful sales people highly.


If you like meeting new people then Sales offers you the opportunity to do just that;

Sales and selling requires an astute, target-driven skill to flexibly match a set of business requirements to a set of solutions. You will be meeting a broad range of employees at all levels with their own motives and goals.


Sales offers freedom to work using your own initiative and the opportunity to create your own plan of action. Generally Sales provides you with the opportunity to control your time, make your own appointments and run your day the way you see fit;

Job Satisfaction

You will gain a great sense of satisfaction when you make a sale and help people by providing solutions to their problems;

If you are determined and motivated then Sales provides a perfect opportunity to achieve targets and reach goals. Sales will satisfy your competitive nature;

Career Prospects

The Sales industry offers excellent career prospects as most companies rely heavily on revenue generated by sales. Also, more easily than any other field, Sales personnel can switch between companies or even industries; as a lot of skills gained can be transferable.

Sales often provides a route into management. Most Chief Executives and Senior Managers have either started their careers, or at least spent some time within the Sales industry. It gives an understanding of what happens at the ‘customer interface’ end. No matter what job you hold in business, you spend a lot of your time selling: selling ideas to your peers, your colleagues, your suppliers and your customers. ‘To have spent some time in Sales trains and prepares you to communicate effectively, and to ‘win friends and influence people’ (Dale Carnegie);

Transferable Skills

Sales teaches you several transferable skills. For example, learning how to be an entrepreneur, manage budgets, improve time management, achieve goals and speak in public;


Often Sales personnel are offered company benefits such as company car, mobile phone and laptop to assist them in their role.


We aim to become the go-to Recruiter for the Sales market.